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Ieros Mitropolitikos Naos Timioy Prodromou.

mitropoliThe St. John the Baptist, patron and protector of Xanthi. The church dedicated to the patron of our city, built over the years 1836-1839 at a time of upheaval due to Thrace Turks. It is strange that allowed the construction of this church by the Turkish governor of the region. Researchers believe that this governor or was philhellene or bribed by rich Xanthi. More



 Church of the Archangels Kabakiou

taxiarxw kavakiouThe temple of Pamegiston Kavaki Archangels is a simple three-aisled basilica with narthex. In its present form, was rebuilt in 1835. Perhaps part of the temple (east wall) belongs to a building of the Middle Byzantine period. The remarkable wooden temple, built probably shortly after 1835, bringing simple plant and animal decoration. Interestingly, the embroidered image of archangel Michael. Project Konstantinoupolitissas possibly kentistras Catherine Boulli dedicated the year 1839, according to the inscription, by Xanthi lord Sgourof. More


 Church of Saint Vlasios

Agios VlasiosThe church of St. Vlasios was inaugurated on 11 April 1838. From the simple wooden iconostasis interesting images of Christ Pantocrator, his "ex Trikallon" Athonite painter Nikiforos, which bears the date 1812.
The same artist will be refunded and the other icons of the temple, that of John the Baptist, St. Vlasios, the Virgin and St. Demetrius. Beyond their artistic importance, these images are of interest to local history, since the descriptions of preserved Xanthioton donor names. More


Church of 12 Apostles

12apostolwnThe temple 12 Apostles located in the district Chatzistavrou, founded and developed in the late 19th century. The Council of Elders Xanthi appreciating the expansion of the city and the establishment in this region Bulgarian fans of the Exarchate decided on September 20, 1897, on the initiative of Bishop Ioakim Sgouros, building majestic temple. Due to the obstruction of the Ottoman authorities, the church began to rebuilt the year 1907 on land ceded daughters Stavros Chatzistavrou, Polyxeni P.. Kougioumtzoglou and Evangelinos K. Bika. Finally the temple was completed on December 5, 1954, having worked for a long time. More

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