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Holy Archangels Monastery

moni taksiarxwnThe monastery is located northwest of the city through a forest of acacias and pine trees, right under the Byzantine citadel of the city, which seemed to be always connected. When our protoktisthike unknown because nothing survives no inscribed plaque nor any other witness or remembrance. More



Holy Archangeliotissa Monastery


Northeast of Xanthi, at the foot of the massif of Rhodope extremely wonderful place, overlooking the plain of Xanthi, directly over the Samakov district, is the third monastery of Xanthi, Panagia Archangeliotissa. The monastery itself "all the year round and even in mid-August - though the church is dedicated to the Virgin Mary - this type Panthrakikos pilgrimage. More


 Holly Monastery of Kalamous

panagia kalamouThe monastery is located north of Xanthi on a cliff that dominates the ravine Kossynthou and to "all the region. From there, the pilgrim can admire all the mountainous area of Rhodope, to the border with Bulgaria and let deceived his eyes until the horizon in the plain of Xanthi. More



Holly Monastery of Agia Irini

agia eiriniThe Monastery of Agia Irini is situated on a hill opposite the 412 Military Hospital in the northeast of the city. Founded in 1972 as a convent by the Bishop of Xanthi Antonios. Its founder is considered Archimandrite Anthony Dalatsis. In the Monastery works Missionary Centre "Holy Peace", which housed orphans from Palestine. More

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